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Lokpal leh Lokayukta Bill, 2011 chu Rajya Sabha in December ni 17, 2013 a pawm hnuah vawiin khan Lok Sabha ah pawh pawm a ni ta.

He bill ah thil pawimawh awmte chu:-
. Central ah Lokpal a awm anga, State level ah Lokayukta a awm ang.
. Lokpal Member leh Chairperson te chu Selection Committee in an thlang anga, he committee a tel tur te chu:-
Prime Minister;
Speaker of Lok Sabha;
Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha;
Chief Justice of India emaw CJI in Supreme Court Judge thawk lai a ruat ang;
Selection Committee a telte rawtna angin President of India chuan dan hre mi a ruat thei
. Lokpal hnuaiah hian Prime Minister pawh chhui theih a ni
. Sawrkar hnathawk zawng zawng he dan hnuaiah hian chhui theih an ni ang.
. Ram dang atanga tanpuina Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) hnuaia kum khata cheng nuai 10 chung lam dawngte chu Lokpal hnuaiah hian chhui theih an ni ang.
. Lokpal hian sawrkar hnathawk te chu rinawm taka hna thawk tur leh hlemhletna lakah a fimkhur tir thei dawn a ni.
. Lokpal hian thubuai chhui mek chu a enfiah thei anga, CBI thubuai chhui pawh a huam tel ang.
.Prime Minister kaihhruaina hnuaia committee sang thu in CBI Director tur atan rawtna an pe thei ang.
. Director hian Director of Prosecution a enkawl ang
. CBI Director of Prosecution chu Central Vigilance Commission rawtna anga thlan a ni ang.
.Lokpal pawmpuina ang chauhin CBI thubuai chhui tu officer te chu sawn theih an ni ang.
. He Bill hian thubuai chhui mek a, pawisa emaw bungraw eirukna avanga neih mante pawh a huam tel a ni.
. He Bill ah hian thubuai chhui dan tur tarlan a nih bakah Special Court din dan tur thleng tarlan a ni.
. He Bill hi dan anga siam anih hnu ni 365 chhungin state sawrkar tin ten an hmang tur a ni a, Lokayukta an din tur a ni bawk.



PIB, Aizawl

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