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The Planning Commission has agreed for investment clearance of scheme “Protection of Makadhuj area (Dist. Kamrup, Assam) from the erosion of River Brahmaputra”. The project is estimated to cost Rs. 14.2078 crore (Price Level 2011-12).

The project shall be completed by the financial year 2013-14 and plan accounts would be closed by 31st March 2014. Project may accordingly be executed as per the approved outlays in the State Annual Plan. State Finance Department, Government of Assam would restrict the expenditure to the approved cost and no additional expenditure beyond approved cost may be permitted unless the revised estimate is got approved following the prescribed procedure.

Regular maintenance should be ensured by State Govt. before and after each monsoon season and even during execution of works. For ensuring safer passage of flood water through villages as well as intra village and inter village drainage of flood water, the State Government should provide non return valves at suitable locations of the flood embankment so that flood water from country side may discharge into the main channel. Works may also be carried out to strengthen local drainages within villages. MGNREGA funds may be used for this purpose as this is a permissible activity under the recently issued Operational Guidelines for MGNREGS.

PIB, Aizawl

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