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AIZAWL : MIZORAM : The Press members were invited to a Tea-briefing by Shri Mangjangam Touthang, AIO, PIB, Aizawl at PIB Conference Hall on 9th May, 2001 and on 22nd May, 2001. Shri Mangjangam Touthang, AIO, PIB, explained to the journalists the purpose of the visit and appraised the media persons briefly about the various projects to be visited during the Press Tour. A profile of Andaman & Nicobar Islands prepared by PIB, Aizawl was also distributed to the journalists.


23.05.2001 :Wednesday
(Day one)
8.00 A.M. :
The Press Party were picked-up from their respective residences and the Team as sembled at PIB, Aizawl office at 9 A.M. Tea and breakfast was arranged for the journalists before they proceeded to Lengpui Airport (Aizawl). Two TATA Sumo vehicles 9.00 A.M. were hired for the day to go to Lengpui Airport.
11.00 A.M. : Reach Lengpui Airport.
The Press Team checked-in at the Lengpui Airport for Kolkata. But due to cancella tion of IC-7212 (Aizawl-Kolkata) Flight on 23.05.2001 due to bad weather. The Team could not leave Lengpui Airport. The Press members alongwith other passengers waited for the Flight to come till 5.00 the airport. The Press Team finally returned back from Lengpui Airport and reach back Aizawl at 8.00 P.M. only. All the Press members approached the Airlines Authority, M/S Quality Tours & Travels, at Chanmari, Aizawl and also Shri H.V. Lalringa, Chief Secretary, Government of Mizoram, to arrange con firm tickets for Kolkata – Port Blair on 26.5.2001 for which the Press Party were provided. On getting confirm tickets for Kolkata - Port Blair on 26.05.2001, it was
decided that the Press Team should proceed for the Press Tour as scheduled and leave Aizawl the next day (24.05.2001) by special Flight for Aizawl-kolkata. AIO, PIB, Aizawl informed about this position to Shri B. Narzary, DPR, PIB, Guwahati over Tele phone today at 9.00 P.M. and verbal approval was accorded.
9:30 P.M. to : 10.00 P.M. The Press members return back to their respective homes.
24.05.2001 : Thursday
( Day two)
9.00 A.M. :
The Press Party assembled and left Aizawl for Lengpui Airport.
11.00 A.M. : Reach Lengpui Airport.
1.30 P.M. : Left Lengpui Airport by IC-7212 (Aizawl-Kolkata) Flight.
2.45 P.M. : Reach Kolkata Airport
3.30 P.M. :
Reach Hotel/Guest House
4.00 P.M. : Shri Mangjangam Touthang,AIO, PIB, Aizawl/conducting officer call on Miss Pratima to Ghosh, Addl. PIO, PIB, Kolkata at her office. AIO, PIB, Aizawl personally requested 6:30 PM PIB Kolkata to arrange local visit to some developmental projects in Kolkata so that the Mizoram Press Party can visit such places during their stay in Kolkata. Shri Shukendu Bhattacharya, Information officer, Ms. Dipannita Dhar, AIO, Shri B.M. Singh, Administrative Officer PIB, Kolkata were entrusted to coordinate with the Mizoram Press Team for their local visit.
Halt at Kolkata.
25.05.2001 :Friday
(Day three)
10.00 P.M. :
The Press party visited Nicco Park, Shri B.M. Singh, Administrative Officer, PIB, Kolkata accompanied the Press party. The Press members also visited Science City.
1.30 P.M. - 3 P.M The Press Party reported back to PIB, Kolkata office. The Press Team visited Indian to Museum, Kolkata. They also meet Shri Shayamalkanti Chakravarti, Director & Chairman, Indian National committee of International Council of Museum(ICOM), Executive Secretary, Gurusaday Museum of Folk Arts, Kolkataat his office chamber during the visit to Indian Museum.
The Press Party also visited Metro Railways. Shri S.C.Banerjee, Sr. Public Relations Officer, Metro Railways, Kolkata personally took the journalists to different sections of Metro Railway along with a ride in the Metro Railways.Ms. Dipannita Dhar, AIO, PIB, Kolkata accompanied the Press Team.
Halt at Kolkata.
26.05.2001 : Saturday
(Day four)
4.30 A.M
Left Kolkata city for Airport.
4.30 A.M. : to 6.00 A.M. Stay at Airport.
6.00 A.M. : Left Kolkata for Port Blair by IC-7285 ( Kolkata – Port Blair) Flight
8.30 A.M. : Reach Port Blair. Shri O.N. Jaiswal,AIO, PIB, Port Blair received the Press Team at the Airport. A chartered Tourist Bus was hired by PIB, Port Blair for local transport.
10.00 A.M. : Checked-in at Hotel (Hornbill Nest Resorts )
10.15 A.M. : Left Port Blair for Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park at Wandoor.
11.00 A.M. : Reach Wandoor about 25 kms. from Port Blair city.
11.00 A.M. : Meet Forest officials. Visit Red Skin Island. The journalists saw for themselves various kinds of coral reefs, Preservation of forest, etc. These places were visited by chartered Boat and officials from the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park accompanied the Press Team members. A Tea-party was arranged for the Press team by Smt.Lata Megde Prasad, Forest Range officer, Wandoor, Port Blair.
1.00 P.M. : Left Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Wandoor.
2.00 P.M. : At Gupta Pada Model Village, meet village Panchayat members, beneficiaries of various Rural Development programmes, villagers,etc. An interaction, questions, re sponse, session was arranged with the village community. Scientists from KVK namely Shri S.K.Zamir Ahmed, Shri Brojendra Singh & Shri S.Michael Raj were the pioneers in the implementation of the overall socio-economic upliftment programmes imple mentation in this Gupta Pada Model village. These scientist were personally present during their meeting and also join the Press Team during their visit to Rural Develop ment projects, Programmes and also during the Interview with the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries, interviewed by the journalists were Mrs. Malathi Roy, Mrs. Appal Narasimha, etc. The Press members also visited the various development schemes implemented by the beneficiaries.
6.00 P.M. : Return back to Port Blair.
Halt at Port Blair.
27.05.2001 :Sunday
(Day five)
8.00 A.M. :
Left Hotel (Hornbill Nest Resorts).
Checked-in at New Hotel.
10.00 A.M. : Shri Mangjangam Touthang, AIO,PIB, Aizawl , Shri O.N.Jaiswal, AIO, PIB, Port Blair & Shri A.S. Birghi, News Editor, AIR, Port Blair had a meeting to chalk-out for the days programmes.
10.00 A.M.: Left Hotel for Ross Island
11.00 A.M.: Reach Ross Island. Visit various places of the Island. Shri A.S.Bhirgi, News Editor, to AIR, Port Blair accompanied the Press Team.
1.00 P.M. : Reach back Port Blair and Lunch.
1.30 : 2.20 P.M. Visit Cellular Jail. Shri A.S. Bhirgi and Shri O.N. Jaiswal accompanied the Press Team.
2.30 P.M :3.30 P.M.: Meeting with Shri N.N. Jha, Lt. Governor, Andaman & Nicobar Island took place for to about on hour. Shri Mangjangam Touthang, AIO, PIB, Aizawl presented a memento to the Lt. Governor. Various issues like communication, development of Agriculture, Land for Mizoram House at Port Blair, cultural exchange programmes, Land and people of Mizoram & Andaman & Nicobar Island,etc. were discussed upon. Shri A.S.Bhirgi, News Editor, AIR and Shri O.N.Jaiswal, AIO, PIB, Port Blair also attended the meeting.
3.30 P.M. to 8.00 P.M. Visit Water Sports Complex, various parts of the city etc.
9.00 P.M. : Shri Bishnu Pada Roy, Hon’ble M.P., Andaman & Nicobar Islands was invited to attend to dinner-meeting with members of the Mizoram Press Party.
10.00 P.M. Shri Mangjangam Touthang, AIO, PIB, Aizawl presented a memento to the Hon’ble M.P. of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Shri A.S. Bhirgi, and Shri O.N. Jaiswal, AIO, PIB, Port Blair also attended the meeting
Halt at Port Blair.
28.05.2001 :Monday
(Six Day)
7.00 A.M.:
Left Port Blair for Kolkata.
9.00 A.M. : Arrive Kolkata.
12.00 Noon : Shri Mangjangam Touthang, AIO, PIB, Aizawl reported back to PIB Kolkata Office and enquired about the local arrangement made for local Press in Kolkata.
Halt at Kolkata.
29.05.2001 : Tuesday
(Day Seven)
1.00 P.M. :
The Mizoram Press members report to PIB, Kolkata office.
2.30 P.M. : The Press Team members call on Shri Surya Kanta Mishra, Minister of Rural Develop to ment, Government of West Bengal at his office, Writers Building, Kolkata.
4.00 P.M. Shri Shukendu Bhattacharya, IO, PIB, Kolkata accompanied the Press Team. The Press members also meet various journalists from the city at the Press Corner located in Writers Building, Kolkata.
Halt at Kolkata.
30.05.2001 :Wednesday
(Day Eight) 
7.00  A.M.  :
Left Kolkata city for Dum-Dum Airport.
  11.00 A.M.  : Reach Lengpui Airport by IC-7211 ( Kolkata-Aizawl) Flight.
3.00  P.M.   : The Press members were dropped-in at their respective homes in various parts of Aizawl city. 
The Press Tour concluded.

On arrival in Aizawl, Mizoram, Dr. R. Lalthangliana, Minister of Rural Development and Information & Public Relations, Government of Mizoram invited the Press Team at his office on 30th May, 2001. The Press Team members gave brief reports of the press tour. Shri Mangjangam Touthang, Asstt. Information officer, Press Information Bureau (PIB), Government of India, Aizawl also gave a report on the Press Tour during the get-together. Tea and snacks were offered by the Hon’ble Minister. Executive members of Mizoram Journalists Association (MJA) also attend the meeting.

The Press members who were on Tour to Port Blair,Andaman & Nocobar Islands and Kolkata, West Bengal during 23rd-30th May,2001 gave Press Tour reports to Mizoram Journalists at a specially convened meeting of Mizoram Journalists Association (MJA), at Press Club,Aizawl on 1st June,2001.

The Press Team also gave a TV report which was telecast through Doordarshan Kendra Aizawl on 11th June, 2001 from 7.15 P.M. – 7.35 P.M. This TV recording was done at Doordarshan Kendra Aizawl, Durtlang on 5th June, 2001. Nine journalists including AIO, PIB, Aizawl participated.Shri S.T.Sailo Director and Shri Laldingliana Sailo, News Editor of Doordarshan Aizawl kendra offered Tea and snacks at their respective office chambers.

Two journalists namely :- 1. Mr. T. Lalhmachhuana, Editor, Dingdi ( Mizo Daily Newspaper) and 2. Mr. Vanlalzuata , Editor, Kristian Tlangau (Mizo Monthly ) were interviewed by All India Radio, Aizawl on June 21,2001 and which was broadcast from 8.20 P.M. – 8.45 P.M. on 22nd June, 2001 through All India Radio, Aizawl. These journalists briefly gave reports of the Press Tour.

A group of journalists namely – Mr. Zaithankhuma Khiangte, Mr. Lalrinmawia and Mr.Raltawna Ralte who were on Tour to Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands were also interviewed by Local Cable TV Network/LPS Vision Network, wherein they share their experiences of the PIB conducted Press Tour. This was recorded and shown through Local Cable TV Network from 7.30 p.m. - 8.00 p.m. on 23rd June, 2001.

PIB, Aizawl office also arranged special meeting with the Press Team at its office on 26th June, 2001. Shri Mangjangam Touthang, AIO, PIB, Aizawl thanks the journalists in extending full cooperation for successfull conduct of the Press Tour to Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Kolkata, West Bengal . He also thanks the following officials who were associated during the preparation and conduct of the Press Tour :

1 Shri O.N.Jaiswal , AIO, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar island.
2 Shri A.S. Bhirgi, New Editor, AIR, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Island.
3 Ms. Pratima Ghosh, Addl. Principal Information Officer, PIB, Kolkata, West Bengal.
4 Shri Shukendu Bhattacharya, Information Officer, PIB, Kolkata, West Bengal.
5 Ms. Dipannita Dhar, Asstt. Information Officer, PIB, Kolkata, West Bengal.
6 Shri B.M. Singh, Administrative officer, PIB, Kolkata, West Bengal.
7 Shri S.C. Banerjee, Sr. Public Relations Officer, Metro Railways, Kolkata.
8 Shri Shaymalkanti Chakravarti, Director & Chairman, Indian National Committee of Interna tional Council of Museum (ICOM), Executive Secretary, Gurusaday Museum of Folk Arts, Kolkata, West Bengal.
Officials from Forest Department, Port Blair namely:-
9 Smt. Lata Megde Prasad, Forest Range officer, Wandoor, Port Blair.
10 Ranjan Singh,etc.and
11 Budha Hazarika,Indian Navy officer,etc.
Scientist from Krishi Vigyan Kendra(KVK) Port Blair namely :-
12 Shri S.K.Zamir Ahmed, Scientist
13 Shri Brojendra Singh , Scientist
14 Shri S.Michael Raj , Scientist
15 Gupta Pada village Panchayat members and all the villagers.

Members of the Mizoram Journalists Association (MJA),
Director I&PR, Director All India Radio, Director Doordarshan Kendra Aizawl ,Mizoram. Proprietor LPS Cable TV Network, Aizawl, Mizoram and also all officials associated with the successful conduct of the Press Tour.
The news of PIB Aizawl conducted Press Tour was also regularly broadcast/telecast in AIR, Port Blair and AIR, Aizawl. News Bulletin, and Doordarshan, Aizawl. Various local press of Aizawl and Port Blair also carried the Press Tour News. DIPR Mizoram also issued press releases which finds publication in most of the local newspapers.

Also Special thanks to –

Shri N.N.Jha, Lt.Governor of Andaman & Nicobar Island,
Shri. Bishnu Pada Roy, Member of Parliament, Andaman & Nicobar Island,
PIB Hqrs.New Delhi for Press Tour approval and sanction,
PIB, Regional office, Guwahati for co-ordination, etc.
PIB ,Regional office, Kolkata for arranging local visit in Kolkata,
AIO, PIB, Port Blair and News Editor, AIR, Port Blair for all assistance extended to the Mizoram Press Team.
All Staff members of PIB, Aizawl Office



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