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Card No Name Designation Paper Represent Photo
A-001 Robert Lalchhuana Editor Romei Robert Lalchhuana
A-002 D.R.Zirliana Editor Mizo Aw DR Zirliana
A-003 Lalbiakthanga Pachuau
Zoram Tlangau Lalbiakthanga Pachuau
A-004 K.Sapdanga
Editor Vanglaini
K. Sapdanga
1-005 C.Vulluaia Editor
C. Vulluaia
A-006 C.Lalzamlova
Editor Chhawrpial
C. Lalzamlova
A-007 Lalthanzama Editor Mizo Arsi Lalthanzama
A-008 C. Dinthanga Editor Lelte C.Dinthanga
A-009 T. Lalhmachhuana Editor Dingdi T.Lalhmachhuana
A-010 Zonunsanga Khiangte Editor Lenlaini Zonunsanga Khiangte
A-011 A. Rodingliana Editor Thuthar A.Rodingliana
A-012 H.D. Renthlei Editor Mizo Express H.D.Renthlei
A-013 Lal Rinmawia
News Editor Vanglaini Lal Rinmawia
A-014 Lalsangluaii Sailo Chief Editor Tawrhbawm Lalsangluaii Sailo
A-015 Lalthanzauvi Sailo Editor Entlang Lalthanzauvi Sailo
A-016 R. Lalhmangaihzuala
News Editor Romei R.Lalhmangaihzuala
A-017 E. Lalhleia Editor Aizawl Observer E.Lalhleia
A-018 K. Zabiaka Managing Editor Newslink K.Zabiaka
A-019 Sangsuakthanga Editor National Observer Sangsuakthanga
A-20 Zirkungi
Editor Eastern Express Zirkungi
A-021 Lalrinmawia Sailo Editor Zoram Thlirtu Lalrinmawia Sailo
A-022 C. Lalrambuatsaiha Editor Aizawl Post C. Lalrambuatsaiha
A-023 H. Zosangliana Editor Tawrhbawm H.Zosangliana
A-024 J.K. Zohmangaiha Editor Inleng JK Zohmangaiha
A-025 Zomuanpuia News Editor Highlander Zomuanpuia
A-026 T. Lalbiakdika
Joint Editor Zalen T. Lalbiakdika
A-027 H. C. Vanlalruata Correspondent PTI H.C.Vanlalruata
A-028 Lalsawmliana Pachuau Proprietor L.P.S. Vision Lalsawmliana Pachuau
A-029 R. Biakkima Cameraman L.P.S. Vision R. Biakkima
A-030 Antony Chhuanvawra Editor-in-Chief Skylinks Antony Chhuanvawra
A-031 Richard L. Pachuau Joint Editor Zoram Tlangau Richard L Pachuau
A-032 Lalremsiama
Joint Editor National Observer Lalremsiama
A-033 Lalkhawliana Publisher/Editor Highlander Lalkhawliana
A-034 M.K.Dey Correspondent Mizoram Post MK Dey
A-035 Chhuanvawra Joint Editor Mizo Arsi Chhuanvawra
A-036 Lalhmachhuana Zofa Editor Diktawn Monthly Lalhmachhuana Zofa
A-037 Zohmingmawia Joint Editor Mizo Express Zohmingmawia
A-038 Zohmingthanga Tlau Joint Editor Evening Post Zohmingthanga Tlau
A-039 P.B.Lalrammawia Joint Editor Aizawl Post P.B. Lalrammawia
A-040 Vanlalrema Vantawl Editor/Publisher
Zalen Vanlalrema Vantawl
A-041 Lalbiakzama
Joint Editor
Entlang Lalbiakzama
A-042 Zodinsanga Asstt. Editor Newslink Zodinsanga
A-043 Sangzuala Hmar Correspondent Zozam Weekly Sangzuala Hmar
A-044 C. Lalhmachhuana

Editor Youth Herald C. Lalhmachhuana
A-045 Lalnuntluanga Tlomte
Zoram Express Lalnuntluanga Tlomte
A-046 L.T.Sanga

Editor Morning Post L.T. Sanga
A-047 S.R.Rothuama

Joint Editor Thuthar S.R. Rothuama
A-048 Zaithankhuma Khiangte

Editor Khawpui Aw Zaithankhuma Khiangte
A-049 K. Lalhruaitluanga

Joint Editor Khawpui Aw K. Lalhruaitluanga
A-050 P.C. Zoramthanga
News Editor
LPS Vision P.C. Zoramthanga
A-051 Lalremruata Khiangte Editor Zawlaidi Lalremruata Khiangte
A-052 Biak Thansanga

News Editor Zonet Biak Thansanga
A-53 Lalremruata Renthlei Jt Editor Zoram Weekly
A-054 Aldrin Zosangliana Editor Zoram Reporter
A-055 Laldingliana Sailo News Editor ZONET l
A-056 C.Lalduhawma News Editor Skylink
A-057 F.Lalrinfela News Editor Evening Post
A-058 Sangzela Tlau Exe Producer Zozam  Audio-Visual, Inc.  Sangzela Tlau




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