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TITLE OF THE SCHEME   The Scheme may be called the ‘Journalists Welfare Fund’.
  It shall come into force with effect from the financial year 2001-02 and shall be operative in the subsequent years.
PURPOSE OF THE FUND   To provide one time ex-gratia relief on urgent basis to: - 
CONSTITUTION AND ADMINISTRATION OF THE FUND   The Fund will be constituted under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and will be administered by a Committee comprising:-
Minister/Minister of State of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India. 
Chairperson Member
 PIO                     -     Member
JS(P)                   -     Member
Dy. Secretary/Director, - Member Secretary
Ministry of I&B handling
Press matters
The Fund will be set up with the receipts of:
  1. Need based Grant made by the Government of India;
  2. Any amount received from donations for the  purpose;
    The amounts available in the fund would be kept in the section ‘Reserve Funds bearing interest’ in the Public Account of India.
INCOME TO THE FUND   Interest at the rate of 9% per annum shall be allowed on the balances available in the fund at the end of the year.
PAYMENTS FROM THE FUND   The payment should be restricted to the interest earnings only.  The actual principal should not be allowed to be eroded.
A journalist as defined below shall be eligible for relief from the Fund, provided that-
  1. He/she is a citizen of India,
  2. He/she is ordinarily resident of India, and
  3. He/she should be accredited to PIB at the Headquarters of the Govt. of India or at the Headquarters (Capitals) of the State Governments.  A Journalist for the purpose of this scheme would mean to be a Working Journalist as defined under the Working Journalists and Other Newspaper Employees (Conditions of Service) and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1955 and who is performing field duty.
PROCEDURE FOR  SANCTION FROM THE FUND   Proposals for assistance from the Fund will be initiated by the PIO with specific recommendation and supporting documents. 
The recommendation will be considered and decided by the Committee.  However, in cases of urgency, the decision may be taken with the approval of the Chairman of the Committee and reported
ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE UNDER THE FUND One time ex-gratia relief of an amount of Rs.1.00 lakh may be provided to the victim of permanent disability or dependents of the deceased
ACCOUNTS AND AUDIT   The Committee shall maintain proper accounts and other relevant records and prepare an annual statement of accounts.  The Fund shall be non-lapsable in nature as the accounts are closed to balance. 
The Fund shall be subject to internal audit of Chief Controller of Accounts, M/o I&B and statutory audit of Comptroller and Auditor General
RELATIONSHIP OF THE FUND WITH GENERAL REVENUES   The periodic contributions to the Fund shall be kept within the Government Account in the section “Reserve Fund bearing interest” in the Public Account of India.  The fund would be classified under the Major Head ‘8121-General and Other Reserve Funds’.
GENERAL   Grant of financial assistance from the Fund to any working journalist is not a matter of right.  Assistance would be extended depending on the Committee’s satisfaction regarding the eligibility/merits of the cases and the financial resources available for the purpose.  The Committee reserves the right to reject or accept any application without assigning any reasons therefor.


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